Sunday, December 28, 2008

Flexibility is your strength.

This sentence has been running in my head since the day I first traveled in Singapore Metro.I noticed that most of the daily commuters don't need any hold to support them during; though very little but bumpy ride of Metro, then why do I need it so much?

Seat in Singapore Metro during peak hours is a rare commodity, and I hardly been so lucky to get one. But then without a seat, I had to look for a safest zone, where I could at least had a good hold of a "Rod" or "Support Belt" hanging at the ceiling of the compartment; without these support I used to feel so unsupported because of innumerable scary questions popping in my mind, like what if I fall on the girl/lady beside me? Slap Slap Slap.....

But I was literally amused to see all these "Serious Singaporeans" busy with books, newspaper or the game of their life "The Video Game", without any need of any such support, which I thought of more than compulsory to have a safe ride. Even though Singapore Metro was not very bumpy as our Local trains. but still, how can you just be comfortable standing on your feet, without any support, inside something running at 80-100+ Kmph.

It did not took me long to find out how these "Serious Singaporeans" were comfortable and why I was so uncomfortable without these supports. Reason was enough to amaze me, as it was not that they knew some kind of magic or had some special training "How to Ride in Metro without Support!". Many of you will reason it as they had been traveling for long and were in practice.But let me tell you, one of my friend had been traveling for around a year but still needed the support. And even if it was because of the practice, I wanted to dig out the difference between someone who had the practice and someone novice like me.

Soon I realized that its all in my mind. Thinking that I might fall, makes me more prone to fall.The fear factor within was good enough to make me extra conscious and hold me tight and rigid and not let me free float with these little bumps, during the ride. So, I experimented with a bit of risk that I might fall but I wanted to learn this magic. So, I started to travel unsupported and allowed myself to bend a little forward-backward-or-sideward :D. Yahoo! And here I was, with in next 2-3 days I was one of these "Serious Singaporeans" enjoying my ride without any support. huh! I was proud in front of my friend, who had been traveling for year and still needed support.

Later in my life, I experienced that such flexibility has always been of great help. And Now, I feel that things in my life should be trusted to an extent and I should be a little flexible with the bumpy ride of my life, if I really want to enjoy this ride of "Life in a Metro!".

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